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Ben is testing the 3GX v4.1
So we all lead busy lives with work, family commitments and so forth and may not have the time to go for a fly everyday or week. What's the longest you have gone without a fly, the reasons and do you suffer from withdrawals! lol
I seen a video on this a while back and thought it was a hoax but now it has popped back up again. Is this thing real or is it a bit of a hoax. How the hell would they fit all the equipment in this thing?
@dazelec @3dmick
I am Mr.Hirobo, I believe all people in MRCHC knows me hahaha
You must be lurking around my house Crash Heligod. I thumbed it bad yesterday but recovered after i swallowed my guts. I havnt been flying much so stay away from me you bad ass deity.
What is the Difference between 6 and 7? Can anyone please tell me? are the flight dynamics different? I allways liked realfight 6 for helicopters, it has a very natural feel to it.

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