Vlog6 - Mrchc (great Crash Saves)

Discussion in 'Nabils Corner' started by gonehelimad, Aug 17, 2017.

By gonehelimad on Aug 17, 2017 at 8:34 AM
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    Welcome back to our 6th edition VLOG which captures flying events at MRCHC August 13th 2017.

    My day starts off arriving at the field at 6:50am. A huge day flying literally from the break of dawn. I finally re maiden my Synergy E7se after my desolder and auto down hard landing (covered in Vlog 2). All of my flights are with Revolectrix go packs which have about 80 -100 cycles and inherent low IR's delivering awesome power.

    Lots of drama and events including a Compass 6HV deciding to have some belt bolognese for lunch and some great genius flying to divert from imminent disaster.

    Compass Chronos flying coverage and again miraculous crash landings on soft clouds coverage.

    Post postmortems on both crashes and i manage to take the crash count to 3 for the day :)

    This video also contains some time-lapse thrown in and some Synergy E7se sunrise heli pornography (watch with care LOL)

    Hope you enjoy the video and would love to hear what you think so please like and leave some comments on this you tube channel video.


Discussion in 'Nabils Corner' started by gonehelimad, Aug 17, 2017.

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      LOVED it... Crash got brian and dangerous Dan. The auto was spectacular... landing next to the tree. Awesome intro to the video. Very classy - well done.

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