Revolectrix Blend 420 Go Packs Going Strong!

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By gonehelimad on Apr 17, 2017 at 4:38 PM
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    First things first,

    This is the 3rd followup review (previous reviewer comments can be found here covering receipt and initial testing.

    These reviews are purely based on the authors user experience and do not purport to represent any technical elements or justify these in that case:

    On with the review update.......

    I had always been sceptical about Revolectrix batteries and their performance, particularly based on past user experience and feedback (note I had never used Revoelectrix packs before personally).

    A short while ago, i decided i would give the new generation of packs from Revolectrix a go and record my experiences with these packs in an unbiased fashion and share this data with John Grazo / Revolectrix with the hopes that any improvement options could be considered in future batches / experiences and dare I say it (save many from a bad purchase decision).

    Ive now had the new Revolectrix Blend 420 Gopacks (2off 3300 6s 70C types) in my possession and use for just under 4 weeks and have managed to put 35 cycles through each of these batteries at this point in time. Yes I go through quite a number of flights week to week (Averaging around 20-40 flights per week).

    Internal Resistance (per cell and total pack values)
    A snapshot of internal resistance (IR) per cell and total calculated Battery resistance readings graphed are presented below for each of the two packs.
    3300 70c Revolectrix lipo - 1 IR 20170417-101633.jpg
    Battery 1 - Graph

    3300 70c Revolectrix lipo - 2 IR 20170417-101644.jpg
    Battery 2 Graph

    *most recorded ir readings were conducted after batteries were warmed up after 1 flight, slight deviations as per graph above in individual cell and total pack readings are due to occasion readings being undertaken during first charge cycle (typically IR readings in this condition are slightly higher.

    As you can see over the duration of use thus far 12 individual ir readings evenly spread (typically 2-3 readings per week) have been taken with the last reading corresponding with my 35th cycle of each pack. IRs have remained thus far consistently very very low at between 1mohm and 1.8mohm during charging and 1.6moh and 2.5mohm during discharge cycles. Slight variations between charge and discharge cycles is quite typical.

    Here is a shot of actual cell IR values following the 34th flight and during 35th charge cycle:
    170416 rev packs ir photo.jpg

    Batteries are naturally charging up perfectly balanced after 35 cycles also.

    Power Output
    The batteries have been tested during consistently demanding flights (3d being my flight style) with tictocs, piro tictocs, hard full speed runs almost every flight and have not been treated mildly.

    To date, the batteries continue to deliver a very high amount of power output with power output unchanged from flight 10 through to present.

    Battery Temperature
    Despite my 3d flying style, pack temperatures at completion of flights remain cool and only just warm. This is compared to other packs that i use where at completion of flight, packs are hot.

    Usage Parameters
    - Charging / Discharging Volts: Balance charge batteries to 4.2V / cell. Fly batteries to 3.8 - 3.85V/cell. Batteries always storage charged at end of flying day and charged up on day of flight.
    - Charging / Discharge Rates: 2C - 6.6A(Charger - Icharger Duo adjusts charge Amps based on battery state).
    - Flight Times: (500 size heli), 2.5 minutes hard flights / 3min medium hard flights - head speed very high - 3050rpm
    - Ambient temperatures: 20-30degC (earlier flights 25-30degC, last15 or so flights 20-25degC)
    - Battery connector: EC5 connectors fitted.
    - Heli speed controller and motor combination: Trex 500L dominator with 14T pinion, 500MX motor and hobbywing 100A Platinum pro V3. Governing via HW.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that to date these packs deliver equal to and or better performance to other packs i have used in the past.

    They have retained their low IR and power output performance with 35 cycles to date. This is still low comparatively speaking in the battery life world, however one would think that with the low temperatures at end of flight (for equivalent flight performance), low IR’s and lack of change that Revolectrix have come up with some new reliable battery options.

    Going Forward
    Based on my positive experience of the first 3300 batch of packs, about to order some 5000 6S 60C Blend 420 Gopacks. Will continue to record IR levels and provide feedback.

    Happy to discuss any of the elements in this post if need be. Just drop me a line at [email protected] or msg me via this forum :)

    Nabil (AKA #Gonehelimad)
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Discussion in 'Nabils Corner' started by gonehelimad, Apr 17, 2017.

    1. ChopsyWA

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      Nice review, good to hear positive results for Revolectrix for a change :)

      Can you please post the measured dimensions of the 3300 6s packs, can't always trust the dimensions on the Revo site. Cheers
    2. smakmeharder

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      Having seen @gonehelimad flying using these same packs i can attest to the thumping they have been recieving. @gonehelimad uses masses of collective and flip/roll. This is beyond many peoples flying characteristics so if they are holding up thus far its a positive sign. I like the fact that measurements have been taken as well. I would love to see the result at 65 or even 100 flights per pack.
    3. gonehelimad

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      Feb 28, 2015
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      HI Chopsy i rechecked battery dimensions a short while ago. They are 44w x 47h x 130l.


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