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    Shot of the day - Mick Stefs Logo 700 low inverted

    The day started out for me arriving at the field around 8am. The weather was looking up with a forecast of clearing clouds, very light breezes for most of the day and max temperatures of around 19degC.

    Melbourne's weather has been dismal for quite some time now. Whilst some had braved the bleak weather conditions last weekend - namely Mick Stef, Bryan Stu and Myself - the windy, cold and low light conditions with a touch of inconsistent showers, left those at the field wanting.

    This weekend however was a contrasting pleasant surprise.
    morning shot-1.jpg
    Conditions were great and totally unexpected for Melbourne weather this time of the year.

    Part way through unpacking and setting up, i realised my charger case had somehow been left out of preparations this morning. BUGGER! The thought of a delayed start was killing me.


    Approx 50 minutes later, after returning home, collecting my charger case and jetting back to the field sees me re-arrive at almost 9am. I find Mick Stefani setup and ready to fly.

    With the better weather conditons today i thought to myself action and attendance factor was definitely up there. (being one of the better weekends weather wise).

    The first half of the day sees Mick Stef, Brent Byrnes, Bryan Stu and Anthony Hilton dominating the flight lines but its not long before Tom Standing Brian Johson, Daniel Harding, Nick and Ben Bolderman arrive.

    Mick Stef had brought with him his Logo 700.

    From Micks early flights, remarkable improvement was quite apparent. Micks routine seems to be coming together nicely and looking very smooth and controlled as always. One of Micks flights is captured in my video.


    Chatting to Mick later in the day, i learned that Mick had resolved his logo 700 tail chattering issues of late. It certainly seemed to be the case from watching his flights. Apparently a combination of factors had lead to his past Logo 700 tail issues, but replacing the tail shaft was the final straw that bid farewell to previous tail vibes during hard manouvres.


    Tony Hilton had brought both his Soxos DB7 and the Soxos 550. Throughout his flights during the day, Tony performed very accurate and precise piroflips and aileron tic tocs and overall Tonys flying was great to watch and full of great strung together moves and finess!


    Tonys Soxos DB7 looked amazing to watch against the picturesque cloud / sky backdrop.




    Brent flew his Compass Chronos mostly during the day. By midday, Brents Chronos was singing again after having been re-tuned after a resent mishap.


    The Chronos bounced and then popped, accelerating with speed and jetting past the flight line. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standup at times. I had the weight off of my left leg (just in case) :) at times during the flight. Exhilarating flights and some great moves as always Brent!

    Brent was fortunate that his mechanic could make it out on the day. Below is a pic of Dan doing the once over check and ultimately passing and approving for Brents continued flight. Dan, Im on the constant look out for talented mechanics... Just saying thats all. ;) LOL.


    Ben Bolderman also put on quite a good show on the day with his Goblin 770 and Goblin 380's. Fast and furious is the way i describe Bens flying best. Some action shots from Bens flights of the Goblin 770 below.



    Ben is never camera shy. Here we see Ben posing for the camera in style!



    It was a great day overall. In between flights, pilots retired to the shady pits and caught up and relaxed.


    There was also lots going on around flight lines with pilots congregating around flight line tables and also spectacting. Constant shout outs such as "Lower", "Faster", could be heard throughout the day. We are a rowdy bunch after all LOL.




    Most had left by 3pm leaving Brian Johnson and I to put in flights during the final day throws.

    Throughout the day Brian had been flying his Compass 6HV. The 6HV flew solid and seemed to be standing up to having a cyclic servo used for the tail. Considering how hard Brian flies, its a wonder it didnt let go!!!

    From about 3:30pm onwards i was on my own. It felt like the day had moved so fast in between flying, taking photos and taking videos of pilots flying.


    I flew the Synergy E7se and the Align 600L Dominator throughout the day. The 600 received most of my smacking energy as i was breaking in new Revolectrix 4400 packs with the E7se. I managed 5 flights on the E7se, 10 flights on the 600 and 4 flights on the 500L (final flights of day). A slower day in flight numbers for me, but enjoyed no less than any other day.

    I had flown the E7se for a long while using 5000 Turnigy HD packs which where inherited when i first purchased the heli. This was the first time flying the heli with lighter packs. Despite flying the heli a little softer (new packs), I was surprised at how much lighter the e7se felt with the 4400's. The E7se felt like my 600 in flight albeit with more hang time and disc loading. It truly felt like a new heli. By the 5th flight with the new Revolectrix packs, i could feel the heli coming alive.

    Going to love flying this heli again with the Revolectrix lighter packs. Its early days, but the gopack 4400 40c's seem to good with low IR's.

    Coming away from Saturday, ill be busy getting the 380 final rebuild finished and hopefully returning with all 4 helis next weekend and....... fingers crossed a few mid week flights....


    Well that wraps up my Saturday Journal. Hope you all did your duties for mothers day today and catch ya all again next week.

    Videos from the day see here

    Some additional photos below from the day.





    Also shots from Last weekend 08/05/17

    Bryan stu after his nitro night rig went in







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Discussion in 'Nabils Corner' started by gonehelimad, May 14, 2017.

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      Love the photo of brian shrugging his shoulders. Great write up once again!
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      And it was a perfect day too/ Nice photos and stories as always.

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      Love the opening headline! May i say its very very creative!
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