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    Pic of the day - Sunset Goblin 380

    Preparations the night before allow me to make a very early start with all packs cooked and ready for action. Alas, my 600L remains benched whilst awaiting arrival of a replacement Castle Creations Edge 80HV esc. So Tuesday sees me with my trusty snappy Trex 500, much improving Goblin 380 and Synergy E7se.


    Leaving early Tuesday morning for the Melbourne Radio Helicopter club (at just after 7:30am), anticipate picture perfect conditions for the day. Forecast is sunny conditions, no clouds, no wind and a temperature high of 24degC. Conditions couldn't be any better even if you had wished it.

    A cheeky smirk spreads cheek bone to cheek bone whilst driving to the field, knowing that the flight line will most likely have my name all over it for the entirety of the day (most ppl are at work today).

    Assessing the field conditions on first arrival, reveals pristine conditions. (Old news now, but the previous mounds of dirt behind the flight line are now mostly flattened also!).

    Today brings with it something different for me though. Kids are on school holidays and have agreed to spend the day with dad. Its a welcome change knowing ill be spending the day doing what I love and spending it with those I love the most!

    By 9:30am and midway through my 12 flights, Mick Stefani arrives at the field. Naturally I am both surprised and happy to see him (simultaneously) at the field today. Surprised as its been some time since I last saw Mick fly and happy to have some additional company for the day!

    Mick Stef
    Mick Stef had brought with him his Logo 700 and Goblin 630. For most of the day Mick was fine tuning his Logo 700. During the first few flights, Micks tail didn't sound very happy, buzzing during tail inputs as a rude warning.

    Mick had put larger tail blades on the 700 to help with tail holding (which appeared to aggrevate tail vibes). Reverting to standard tail blades didn't seem to completely resolve vibes either which saw Mick continuing tuning gains during the morning period.

    Even so, Mick was able to put the nuisance tail performance behind him and squeeze in some smooth stylish flying across both his Logo 700 and Goblin 630 during his stay.

    Mick put his Logo700 through some graceful, well choreographed and highly controlled moves that flowed effortlessly. I have to admit it was a bit far removed from what I knew Mick was capable of but very enjoyable to watch nonetheless.

    In between flights, Mick seemed to be very tolerant of the loud kid antics going on in the clubhouse. Sorry buddy, hope they didn't annoy you too much lol.

    In the above pic, the kids not quite completely hiding from shot had created an obstacle course in the clubhouse to keep them busy LOL

    Apologies also for no pics, as between keeping kids happy and flying didn't really do any photography on the day. By close to 2pm, Mick Stef had called quits leaving me and the kids on our own.

    I had the field to myself for the remainder of the day allowing for alot of back to back flights.

    Nabil Abaki
    Arriving to field with all 12 packs charged (not including my 600 packs) I bypass the usual setup process and start flying immediately. Having been able to fly most days in the last week, it doesn't take long for me to get comfortable and manage to put in some hard flights on the E7se and the 500 during the first few flights. My early flights on the goblin 380 remain a little conservative whilst still dialing her in.


    In the past, my e7se roll rates have always felt slow despite my best efforts to increase cyclic pitch.

    As it had been a long while without flight the e7se, I also couldn't remember what the previous max roll rates I flew were for this beauty. I struggled for a long time thinking that the roll rates I had become accustomed to on the 500 had influenced my expectations for the 700.

    Whilst largely valid and knowing that the 700 will never roll like my 500, the feel of the 700 during flight remained off. Todays first flight check on the 700 however was pure bliss !!!! The 700 actually rolled too fast for once! During piro flips the e7se rolled into position a lot earlier than commanded... I find piroflips the perfect check for a lot of setup issues and overall tuning feel.


    Finally............ after
    - redoing the gyro setup,
    - checking head geometry (double checking all link lengths),
    - checking headspeed using brain gov setup screen
    - increasing pitch to 13.5 from 13 (previously had halo blades with more bite, now using rails)
    - removing duplicate expo (was in brain and tx, now only in 1) - major reason
    the E7se was showing signs of singing beautifully again!

    By the end of the day the e7se was flying more closely to my liking, rolling alot faster and the way i like it. Some more fine tuning but finally enjoying flying this light giant again!

    One down side though was that by day end, one of the 700 6s packs forming my stick pack was shot with one cell reading 8mohs and all other cells reading 2mohms. During the last flight on the e7se, the pack appeared to start emitting a sweet smell which is typically accustomed with electrolyte leak. Safe to say new packs now on order..

    Enter Goblin 380.
    Its no secret Ive had my fair share of re setup / fine tuning issues with this heli. To my own defense, it is considered the norm to check everything when buying a near new or second hand heli. To the sellers defense also, the heli was in great condition apart from some minor elements which i saw needing attention to suit my personal flying style.

    Today I continued fine tuning the 380 now with
    - new 100A speedy (need this to run greater than 12.5deg pitch as per manual)
    - new 22t pinion to allow higher gov head speed (With adequate overhead).
    - installation of belt tensioners (which weren't on heli when I first got it), but included in sale.
    - replaced main grip rods (as one was bent) throwing head geometry off.
    - replaced tail servo (original tail servo failed on maiden flight)
    - gyro setup re done.

    Also thanks to Zenrc for getting speedy, pinion, tail servo out to me promptly too!


    The goblin 380 flew beautifully and with 22t sounded a whole lot better governed at 3300 with gov headroom. Previously with 21t, was only able to obtain good governor performance at 3150. Early flights had the 380 bobbing up and down during fast speed run tests, with the 3 blade head having higher cyclic authority, reduced the elevator p gains down from 10 to 5 which solved the problem completely whilst still having good cyclic authority.

    During the next week, planning to put a 24t in and have governed at 3400 (maybe 3500)

    I managed to put in a good number of flights over the course of the day on the 380 slowly making friends with this beauty. A few more tweaks during the next few days should have this gorgeous machine running very nicely indeed and just the way i like it.

    Towards the end of the day tried an inverted overspeed on the 380 during the last dying seconds of flight. The heli jetted downwards towards the ground, blades loading up evidenced by the screaming headspeed. Just as i reversed pitched to more negative to punch up, the blades bogged severely (no battery juice left to help regain head speed). The heli continued downwards inverted orientation only to have head speed regain within mm of the ground and by some saving grace avoided any ground contact. A very close call and a pertinent reminder that such moves should not be performed in last few seconds of battery flight LOL. I landed, changed my pants and flew a few more flights on the 380. :)

    I also flew the 500L using new revolectric packs (seperate post to follow) over the course of the day. Loving the Revoelectrix Go packs!!!! 20 flights on each pack so far and no IR level changes still averaging 1-2 mohm across all cells and coming down cold-warm even after hard flights with lots of tic tocs and piro tic tocs!


    By 6pm, the light was dim, however despite the low light conditions, 4 packs remained fully charged across the 380 and 500 which i naturally had to deplete in the only manner known to someone gonehelimad LOL.

    The last 4 flights were quite interesting as flying manouvres and keeping track of the helis orientation whilst having a black object to track for the majority of the flight challenged my skills significantly. It was a good test of good timing, good thumb memory, good visuals, and generally a good feel for moves performed. Quite a different challenge from the flying during the course of the day had.

    I recall walking away thinking that i must do more of this.

    Overall a fab day shared with family, walking away with a very proud 35 flights under my belt.. A new personal best in day flight nos :) also.

    The day was also the very first day of flying or living with no anxiety which i have carried over the last 4 weeks caused by a personal health scare. Several tests later and all clears on a number of occasions made today such as sweet sweet sweet experience and to some extent gifted to me.

    Wishing you all the best, most importantly in health! Life is too short!!!!

    Never sacrifice that which brings you happiness!

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Discussion in 'Nabils Corner' started by gonehelimad, Apr 5, 2017.

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      Just Nice mate, that was grouse, a pleasure to read, full Kudos @gonehelimad .....
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      Some great content there @gonehelimad. Your passion is infectious! How did you take the photo of the gobby 380? Was it photo shopped? The inverted over speed - omg soooo lucky - not as much kenetic energy in a smaller head! You might need to try a new battery for the 380? - just to feel the difference. 35 flights is great!. With the gobby its easier to punch through pack after pack... its fun and low stress. The revos are still holding.... and i know you are thumping them!

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