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Ludwig is a real promising young pilot. We hope to see more of his videos here as his continues to excel in this sport/hobby/obsession.
Yes thats right. The weekend is coming! so if you are going to fly your RC Helicopter, make sure that you do it before I have a chance to throw down some heavy weather. If there is no wind - if its sunny and no wind - fly because I am focusing my attention in another part of the world... but your flying field may be next!
Oh great and powerful Crash Heligod, you humble and honour me ....

... last summer I thought the brand of FBL controller I was using was the cause of this horrific crash, but now I know better. I now know it was your work at play.

I was flying a demo of the new SK720 BE and GPS at a large event when suddenly, the helicopter twitched in the air and lost all orientation and control. No matter what I did, the helicopter would not move in the direction that I moved the gimbals - the gyro was confused. I gained control for a brief second before it twitched again and the model plummeted into...
Well guys I here Nate Gaze moved to Melbourne today. He is working at ARKRC and plans on joining Australian Freestyle Flyers. Glen and I are thinking of taking him out for dinner sometime soon to make him feel welcome.
Hi Guys, if anyone has any questions about the Brain I am happy to help. I have been using now for awhile and have gotten rid of all my VBars and loving the Brain.
I have been flying my Mini Protos for a few years now, it's what got me back into small heli's. I have just recently needed to replace my frames after 400 flights. Probably should have done it earlier but was trying to put it off. Here is a picture and they have even discoloured near where the motor mounts. The funny thing is since I rebuilt it I now get 20sec flight time Hmmm!

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