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Watching RC cars smash themselves to pieces is rather amusing. The best crash is at about the 2 minute mark. Damaged about as much as a very high headspeed 700 sized helicopter stack! Good times.
I am a field rep for Spartan Avionics, and I can help answer any setup questions you may have. I am based in the US though, so my replies may be slightly slow.
As I live in Perth, the winds are generally very strong.

I noticed that on a simulator, when setting a strong wind ( 40 kph / 20 knots ), it was challenging to take off using a normal flight mode, however, taking off using idle up or a higher head speed made the take off much easier and cleaner, along with hovering.

Has anyone tested this characteristic in real life?
AU Greets
Name is Tim,

I'm the secretary for and fly at both PRCHC and WAMASC.

I'm declaring that I have an affiliation with PerthRC In that I've spent a massive amount of coin with Brian
since I was 17, and I'm lucky enough to get to play with some new toys from time to time. Naturally as my LHS I recommend and support them. Brian is also a friend of mine.

That aside, I fly with a Futaba 18MZ, Futaba 8FG and a Spektrum DX6 . I fly a Hirobo D3, Hirobo SDX, Mikado Logo Xxtreme 700, Agile 7.2 (presently out of action), Mikado Logo 600, Sirocco 475E, Hirobo Embla 450, Blade...

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