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My Pre-flight checks come after 3-4 flights. Last week after 3-4 flights i found a floating servo horn(no screw). The gods must have been in my favour. Forgive me please my deity.:(
Easy site to use site... nice.. i like it, looking forward to getting to know a few people ..
Why oh why are there so many issues with the tail stopping mid flight on my helicopter. I have change MB i have changed the tail motor a few times, but for some reason at random intervals the tail just.... stops. Drives me NUTS. If it were not for the tail issue i would fly the shiz out of this heilicopter... Anyone got some suggestions or fixes?
This probably should be in the 600-700 size section, but there is no Avant forum in there.

Anyway, it looks as though the NEW expected release date for the Mostro 700E & 700N in now March 25th and WORST CASE is March 31st. 2014 that is... I wonder if we are finally going to get to see them in the flesh?

Does anyone here have one on pre order?
photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG hello mr crash parts arrived to day I dumb thumbed my 550 last weekend and turned it in to a scorpion
so I should be good for no crashes for a while

cheers mate 3dmick
Here are some pics of my Warp. Absolutely love this heli!!







Hi World,

So what do you think makes the Mini P better than any other 450 .. Easy for parts and a few upgrades ? , what upgrades would you do ?

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