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What is the Difference between 6 and 7? Can anyone please tell me? are the flight dynamics different? I allways liked realfight 6 for helicopters, it has a very natural feel to it.
Luke doing some nice flying at an amazing location.

I saw this on youtube and had to share, good to see Crash Heligod is spreading his work around the world... and having some fun on the way.

This was a good job and I am sure your still laughing.:) Pure gold.

Test flight starts @ 2m 50sec

Hello mr Crash do you remember why this one went In
memory's hhehehehahahaha
The allmighty GOD OF CRASH has spared no expence
and done some exquisit damage on the FERRARI of
the helis today i heard. Nice job you evil evil doctor of
destruction....... The old mechanical failure sickle was waved
upon this prestige piece of engeneering art work........
Crash you are very very NASTY........................
Big thanks to Jeff Bradley for coming down and spending some time with Simon and me today at our local club on the Bellarine Peninsula, great days flying. Jeff spent time checking our setups, giving some instruction and showing us his moves (awesome).

Weather held but wind was about 30km no thanks to Storm Heligod, but good news that Crash Heligod was not at the field today :).

Few photos at the field.
Learn how to tail in hover, and how to stay safe while learning.

This video covers tail in hovering, We don't confuse newcomers with talking about ground effect or even cyclic and collective, that will come later, as when you first start out everything is already confusing enough.

This video covers tips for learning tail in hovering and stick movements with a Mode 2 controller. I forgot to make note in this video that you should be aiming to keep the tail of the helicopter pointing towards you at all times.

NOTE: For a better quality video, change the youtube video settings to 720P...
Question? The First Steps
Well flying helicopters is not exactly easy. You cant just pick up a controller and start flying. If you think that is the case then sell your helicopter now and go and buy a remote control car or boat.


Buy a GOOD simulator and run it on a GOOD PC. The two most popular simulators are real flight and Pheonix. Either is suffice, though my preference is pheonix.


Decide weather you want to fly MODE ONE or MODE TWO. Most people in the states fly MODE TWO. Dont pick a mode thinking that other people will be able to show you stick movements....
Since I changed to Futaba and using the 8FG I am loving it. Would almost get a 14SG but the 8 feels more comfy in my hand. It does everything I need and more, works fantastic with CGY750 and is easy to navigate. What are your thoughts?

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