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Just a quick one for the HeliGod Father. Is it a sin to burn Holy (Blessed) Nitro? and if you do, will the smoke ward away Crash and/or Storm??
Yep another great Easter for flying helicopters - NOT... I bet @Storm HeliGod says she did it because it helps us spend time with the family...

Why is it so dismal over Easter? What did we do wrong? Time to knit another canopy cover

I use Linux and windows for some appz.. (windows 7)
Onboard failsafe system.... Interesting watch

I just bought the optipower ultra guard from experience rc in the u.s. I will be connecting it to a ikon fbl issue is I have the CC bec pro , that needs 2 plugs to go into the fbl unit so I have no extra port ,, what would be your suggestion to accomplish installing the ultra guard.. experience rc told me to use a Y harness but didn't specify how.. do I plug both bec wires into the Y harness & then ultra into the fble unit?? this makes me afraid it wont work correctly to feed the power correctly...
OR do I plug the Y harness into fbl unit and then plug 1 bec wire and the ultra...

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