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I decided to give AccuRC 2 a try with the Real flight Interlink Elite controller.

The models seem to be very hard to control in this sim. They are no where near as stable as neXt-CGM.

Its uncontrollable to the point of just sticking with neXt-CGM.

I did the controller calibration in AccuRC and I dried different flybarless settings.

Is there something I am missing?
Hey ...... its alive. ITS ALIVE I TELL YOU! Yep heligods have found a new server! things should be much snapier now.... not bad however - in 3 years we have had around 12 hours downtime - and 6 of those hours was today!
As you watch this. Keep in mind the OXY 4's canopy is at widest point, is 3mm narrower than the OXY 3 canopy at widest point.
We listened to customers and made the 4 more aggressive and eye appealing. A 450m size narrower than a 300 size? WoW.

My name is Sawyer Stokes. I am going to become a certified pilot. I am glad to join this nice site and hope to have a good time here.
Happy New Year 2018!
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Unrestricted Podcast Ep001 - Matty's Back! and Fix the Facebook Group!...
Check out the video!.Unrestricted Podcast Ep001 - Matty's Back! and Fix the Facebook Group!.
Happy New Year to all. Hope you all have happiness and success in the year ahead!
The informer has been to visit Geena Tucker and she showed me this!! My Movie


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