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I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Grinding Rails with Drones!!...
Bill Ann has some interesting videos worth watching

The informer has been to visit Jonas Wackershauser and he wanted to share with us this exciting video!

The 3d Heligod has been to visit Alan Szabo Jr - check out this video dudes....

The informer has just had a beer with Michal Bencur. He told me that everyone at heligods would like this:

Bill Ann has some interesting videos worth watching
The @informer has been speaking to Drone Girl and she gave me some content to show you

Another Video found by the informer of Tareq Alsadi called من أبناء الأمارات الي صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد ال مكتوم الوالد القائد .. Tareq Alsaadi

The Heligod Father has spoken to Bert and returned with some divine news


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