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Learn to Fly 3d RC Helicopters

Professionally built and ground tested, but never flown. Includes digital pitch gauge, extra battery, training gear and Microbeast USB computer interface. Save big!! $375 plus shipping. Send PM.

The informer has been to visit Jonas Wackershauser and he wanted to share with us this exciting video!

I just returned home from an amazing time in Muncie, Indiana. IRCHA 2017. There were not as many pilots registered this year, as I remember being the last time (2013) I was there. But it was still a LOT of fun.

There was lots of cool stuff to look at, and there was a new helicopter brand on display too. XL Power was the name of the company. Their helicopter looks really nice too, and it flew great during their demo flights.

During the noon demos on Friday and Saturday, all of the flight teams put on a fantastic show, and instead of the "one" competition this year, they had a special...
REBELS Fun Fly 4-6 May 2018

Announcing Rebels Fun Fly for 2018 will be held on Friday - Sunday, 4-6 May 2018 in Newcastle NSW!

Get your annual leave sorted and get out here for a great 3 days of heli action, competitions, prizes and (of course) food! We had some fantastic sponsors last year with a grand prize of a Goblin 380 kit + Tareq Xnova Motor so who knows what we'll have in store this time [​IMG]

Here's some pics of the action from this years event:...
Drone Video Charpu Has No Morals
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Charpu Has No Morals...
Hello my Heligods and what and Honor and privilege it is to be here in the presence of some of the finest rc helicopter pilots in the world.
I have one tough question to ask you
Gods. I am building an assault 700 helicopter by HobbyKing here's the layout I'm either going to go with the Y EP 120 amp ECS or a Castle Creations 120 amp ECS the motor is going to be in align 5:30 for the 700 helicopters my servos are going to jx HV at 50 dollars a pop my tail servo is going to be a Turnigy 1253 my bec will be CC 20a 7.4 to 8v my gyro well that's still on the fence I am still deciding on that....
Not being able to make it to IRCHA ..decided to bring IRCHA (the international Remote controlled helicopter association 2017 event) here to Melbourne Australia.

You read that right... IRCHA in Melbourne. Gonehelimad style....

With some timelapse videos thrown into the mix, check out my personal IRCHA experience.....

Hi Guys

I saw this, it's a new battery from Thunder Power for FPV. The specs are pretty crazy. Be nice when they bring out bigger packs (if they can) for helis. In summary:

1300mAh 4-Cell/4S 14.8V FPV Adrenaline 100C LiPo, XT60
Max Charge: 5C
Max Cont. Discharge: 100C
Max Charge Current: 6.5A
Max Burst Discharge: 200C
Max Burst Current: 260A
Weight (g): 156
Max Cont. Current: 130A
Dimensions (mm): 35 x 35 x 81

How awesome is that!
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this Eyeball Zeus' Roller Rip...


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