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So who does this remind you of?

A rumour about Edge blades going bankrupt is apparently un-substantiated. However from an un-named source we found this information.
As a former rep for Ready Heli I can tell that for now Edge Blades is done for the time being. Revco is the owner of ReadyHeli and associated brands such as Edge and Thor. The shop was closed for no one reason in particular. The owner has not filed for bankruptcy and from what I know he is keeping all his options on the table. There are a lot of Edge blades on hand at local distributors but after supplies has been exhausted it might be quite a...
So whats your favorite sized helicopter and why. What is your favorite brand? Why?

Mine for 450 size is Mini Prots
For 700 Size - Goblin
For 600 size, me thinks log extreme. I nearly had one of these but 5Fidy stole it from me...
Hi my brothers,

Out of curiousity, what mode do you fly, what method do you use to control you gimbals and what is your favorite flying style?
Here is the carnage from one of my older crashes with my Synergy N5. It took a pretty nasty fall in this one.

IMG_5521 (1024x732).jpg

Here is how it looks now. :)

004 (2).JPG
Looks like fat shark are releasing a 1.3ghz module.... I have already asked and it will be compatible with the dominator series...

Looks like a good unit for beginners.


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