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Learn to Fly 3d RC Helicopters

This is a very expensive and highly detailed scale model. Truly a sight to behold

Chris is a busy man, but he managed to get the maiden flight done for his Bell 429 Super Scale from RC Aerodyne. This heli is a beauty. Continue through to view the maiden flight. Awesome job with the build Chris.

Bell 429 Super Scale Maiden Flight by Chris Reibert

Click here to view the embedded video.

Maiden flight on my Bell 429 Super Scale from RC Aerodyne
Sorry it took so long I’ve got so many projects going on…


Body length: 1650mm...
Halo Blades announce the availability of new blade lengths. Get your heli outfitted with Halo.

How do you get your very own set(s)? Find the nearest Halo Dealer by clicking HERE.

Castle Creations has 15% off your puchase and free shipping will 15th April...

Might be time to get that castle edge light for the mini protos....
I am going to do what totally goes against the heli flybarless
tradition and I can't wait to do it. I have purchased a MIKADO
LOGO 600 and I am going to make that baby fly so so good with
A FUTABA CGY750. MUAH HA HA HA There I said it..........he he he
Just bought myself a ticket to hell..........
hello earth humans

i Kevin am from Freestyle Flyers and king of smack (i leave tareq for breakfast) this is my first ever encounter on a heli forum. i think since i fly heli for long while and now there a heli forum that slap face on the other forum, why not better time to join one Heligods is the best and I know some of the Gods that put it together. I look forward to being a part of this group of keen crazy heli peoples
Looks like someone heard my cry for blingage already...

Already ordered...
Here is the latest creation from Henseleit Helicopters , The New TDS Speed Demon . first shown at the Rotor Live 2014 event in Germany:


183002j7qz62h8z27l26ai.jpg 183002lrcxxsmzeecymlor.jpg 183002zwzdzq6nqfv9w767.jpg 183003hngqngne8ywnunz8.jpg
183003mt91u184lucccutc.jpg 183003pj0x30z2qc4c2x3l.jpg 183003tpwtg08tp5h0tsw5.jpg 183003w6v6btr41rnbw4ww.jpg
183003ywwktkyyygrcyy5d.jpg 183004rsep102c1ejqcdcu.jpg 183004yq1ttg2o3vt2srqs.jpg 183005x2iiqr2wqh729q27.jpg
183006cad0yzus6g8unmu6.jpg 183006jvyxissf8xquuock-1.jpg 183006rt7nv7vlwl64v8yz.jpg 183007ys2ud2p12v126d21.jpg ...
Hi guys. My name is Geena, and I live in Sebring, Florida. I have been flying helicopters since 2010, and I really enjoy it. 50 size nitro helicopters are my favorite, but I do like electrics as well.

My current helicopters are: TSA Infusion 600N Platinum, TSA Infusion 600N Pro, and a T-Rex 550E.
My choice of rotor blades is Rail, and my FBL controllers are Beastx.

My other interests include photography, cooking, gardening, and bike riding.

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