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Here is a sighting of the Protos 800 in action. Watch as Dario spreads it’s wings with the Xnova XTS-4535-520kv motor. Awesome flying Dario. Continue through check out vid and see just how the Xnova XTS motors does.

Xnova motor XTS-4535-520kv and Dario Neuenschwander with Protos-800

Click here to view the embedded video.

Xnova motor XTS series,Spin-Blades,Gens ace 12S-5000mha,Protos 800 YGE-ESC.
Awesome news from Team KDS Helicopters USA. Announcing their newest Team Pilot . . . . Jim Schuster. Congratulations Jim and Team KDS Helicopters USA.

KDS Helicopters USA

Please Welcome the newest KDS MODELS USA – Jim Schuster


Swap: USA 450-550 Wanted
Im looking to swap something for a good working 450-550 heli. Preferably a spektrum bnf. I have a few things to swap but are not heli related. Pm for info or if you have any requests for whatever you need or want to make the trade and I will let you know what I can do to make it happen. Please US trades only.
Attention Jeti owners! The latest firmware update is available for your Duplex EX receivers. Continue through to read about some of the features in this update, get the link to complete Release Notes for version 3.20 firmware, and the link to download the version 3.20 firmware.

Version 3.20 for R3/RSW, R4US, R5US, R6US, R7-9-11US, R14-18US Receivers
The firmware version 3.20 for Duplex EX receivers brings several new features especially for output pins settings. One of them gives the ability to set the digital interface so that it is possible to set serial communication for...
If there was not already enough (Bug fixes)

Version 5.0.m.

New features, improvements and fixes:
• Colour option now functions on flight recorder
• Model smoke tuned
• Smoother rotor and prop blur effects
• Flying Site > Change menu can be closed using dialog's close ("X") button
• Can now hold down scroll buttons to scroll a list
• Tuned water physics
• Helicopter gear state shows correctly on Flight Information panel
• Fixed an issue in multiplayer mode when user selects a model not installed
• More detailed display for...
KDE Direct is committed to bringing high-quality products to the RC Helicopter market, and the latest introductions to the market have been the KDE Direct XF Generation 3 Brushless Motor Series.

Video showcases the extreme capability, smoothness, and efficiency of the new Gen3 series; producing performance leaps-and-bounds above the competition. Special thanks to Brian Phillips, Jordan Martin, and Chris McVey for...
Derek Teo from python studio Malaysia shared with us this video of XNOVA XTS 4535-520KV with goblin speed flying 3D:

Nick flying his stretched e700 with Helix 715mm main blades


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