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Hey guys, Thought I'd start the Synergy Category off with a pictures thread. So get to it, Show us your Synergy!! :D

Well I am a Futaba man all the way. But I have been buddy boxing some people lately with the NEW DX9 with the wireless system and now I think I want to change. I am so sorry I do not know what to do?
Up for sale is a mcpx bl that I don't fly any more.
Includes everything that came with it, plus one extra lipo.
Forgive me father, for I have sinned,

I have commited Sloth, the desire of ease, I have been spending time flying a Blade 450 3D instead of repairing my Hirobo SDX which I had put into the ground.

But the worst is the abomination I have created, I have attached a 3GX controller and Trex to a Mikado flybarless head.
Any tips on orientation practice ?
Whats your Blade Choice ?
So whats the most popular Blades ?
Any one have a Maxi 800 up and going yet ?

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