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Happy Labor Day Sep 4, 2017

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- Happy Labor Day Sep 4, 2017
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- From Sep 2 – Sep 4, 2017
My Shuang ma 9101 double horse S has stopped flying after just two flights. The battery is fully charged and the LEDs work fine. The rear motor has lost significant power, after checking to see if both motors worked using a nine volt. Later the quadcopter would not even spin on either gear. The transmitter was working and the red LED on the motherboard indicated so. The tail blade was also not working even when the front and rear motors work. (the rear blade has it's own motor) Also any answers to intermittent signals would be great help.
-Thank you, a concrned flyer.
This was per our decision to not demo the old 4 prototype.

Aaron Wolf pulled a "Blade Stop" with a OXY 3 in the 2017 Battle of the Brands.

He ended in the middle of the pack in comp. Up against all the 700 size heli's and top pilots in the world.
I have been partying with Rotor Riot and after a wild time came back with this First Piñata View (with Martyflyzzz and DroneDoll)...
Check out the video!.First Piñata View (with Martyflyzzz and DroneDoll).
The Informer has just come back from SAB Heli with the following news: Goblin mini Comet Virtual assembly.

The Informer has just come back from SAB Heli with the following news: mini Comet Canopy


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